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My name is Chris Castiglione. I’m the co-founder One Month, and host of the On Books podcast.

Chris Castiglione

This blog is my collection of ideas, writing, and creative projects throughout the years.

My life in bullet points:

  • Currently I’m the Dean of One Month, and host of the On Books podcast
  • I was the first-ever teacher at General Assembly in 2011. And went on to develop a variety of their curriculum including Front-end Web Development (FEWD), and the #1 best-selling class Programming For Non-Programmers.
  • I co-founded the RISK! podcast with Kevin Allison in 2010.  And together we started New York City’s first ever storytelling school, The Story Studio.
  • Before 2010 I was developing websites: Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, Amex, Derby Jackpot, and a few dozen more.
  • I’ve taught at Columbia University, and I’ve advised: American Express, Donor’s Choose, The New York Stock Exchange, and General Electric.
  • I enjoy writing. And would like to write and act in feature film one day.

I’m on Twitter @castig.

Christopher Castiglione / New York City